Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Olive on Kokusai Street

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

This afternoon Pa Rock's good friend, Daniel Murphy, came by and took all of us to Kokusai Street in Naha where we walked, and shopped, and had supper.  Kokusai Street is the tourist center of Naha - as it has been ever since Pa Rock's first tour on Okinawa forty years ago.  We walked through many shops and even visited a large fish market where we saw an assortment of unusual fish and other creatures from the sea.

One of the stores that we visited on Kokusai Street sells a couple of hundred varieties of salt.  We tried samples of several different kinds.  Many street vendors were giving out samples of their foods.  Pa Rock bought a tangerine from a fruit stand, and Olive's parents bought a box of enormous strawberries and ate them as we walked along through the shops.

Baby Olive continued to be a hit with the Japanese women and made many new friends.  She will probably miss all of the attention when she gets back to Kansas City!

Tomorrow morning Baby Olive and her parents will board a plane in Naha and begin their long trip back to the United States - and Pa Rock will miss them a whole bunch!

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