Friday, April 6, 2012

Christian Bullies

by Pa Rock
Social Observer

American fundamentalist Christians are waging what appears to be a holy war against state legislatures that are passing laws to protect students against bullying.  That's right, religious extremists are pro-bullying, and they are bullying legislatures and some school districts into staying away from the fight to protect poor gay kids from their thuggish classmates.

Bullies protecting bullies - in the name of Christ.

Last month a "Christian" lobbying group managed to kill a proposed anti-bullying bill in Arizona because the group felt that the bill promoted gay values.  The minority leader of the state senate, David Schapira, blamed the head of the lobbying group and called her a legislative terrorist.   He said, "Cathi Herrod, an unelected lobbyist, killed a bill that would protect all Arizona kids purely because of her intolerance of gay kids."

Michigan recently passed an anti-bullying bill that actually had a special provision protecting religious bullies based on a "sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction."  Public outrage eventually forced lawmakers to pull the special provision for Christian bullies and begin holding all bullies accountable.

An anti-bullying bill in Canada also stirred the rage of Orthodox Jewish and Christian groups because they felt the measure was "a vehicle to indoctrinate children into embracing a new sexual revolution."

The impetus to kill anti-bullying legislation stems from the fact that many of the laws currently being promoted are in response to suicides of gay and lesbian youth.  And while these very vocal Christians may not actually want bullies roaming the halls of their community schools, they also do not want anything being promoted in the schools which would cast any sympathy or compassion toward gay kids.  They suffer under the delusion that these young people have chosen to be gay - and they see being tolerant and fair as some sort of endorsement of a homosexual lifestyle.

The people fighting the anti-bullying legislation are mean and irrational.   Their God is an angry God.

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