Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Olive Visits Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps Bases

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Today our happy little family group visited the Base Exchange on Kadena Air Base, the office where Pa Rock works, the beach at Torii Station (an Army facility), and the Post Exchange at Camp Foster Marine Corps Base.

Several of Pa Rock's friends at Kadena held Olive and made silly faces at her - and she loved the attention!  She got a couple of new outfits at the Kadena BX, and her first swimsuit at the Foster PX - and she dipped her toes in the East China Sea while at Torii Beach.

Tonight we will be heading out to dinner at Pa Rock's favorite Okinawan restaurant - Sam's Anchor Inn.  Tomorrow, weather permitting (and the weather has been great), we will drive to the Itoman Glass Factory and then on to the very southern tip of Okinawa where we will visit Peace Prayer Park.  The park features many memorials to Japanese and American fighting men from World War II, as well as an excellent museum containing a great deal of information on the Battle of Okinawa.

It's go, go, go!  Baby Olive and her parents will probably be glad to get back to Kansas City where they can get some rest!

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