Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nobody Is Higher Than Joe

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Is there anyone on the planet that does not know that geriatric Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, suffers from delusions of grandeur?   Why, anytime someone from the press snaps a photo within twenty miles of Phoenix, the ancient lawman will usually find a way to be in it.  He deputizes every half-wit conservative celebrity who comes to town and then invites them to ride along as he terrorizes the downtrodden.  Not too long ago he  even had the cajones to walk into an event for Vice-President Biden - one to which he wasn't invited - and then tweet later that he had just come from a meeting with the Vice-President.

The legality of President Obama's birth certificate?  Clearly that is something so important that it should only be decided by a cop of Joe's girth stature.

And he loves to tell about the time he arrested Elvis in Las Vegas, and how they eventually became great friends.

With an ego the size of Joe Arpaio's, it takes something as big and empty as the Sonora Desert to accommodate it.

Today there has been a story in the press that perfectly illustrate's Sheriff Joe's dangerously over-inflated ego.  During filming of a documentary that PBS is doing on Arizona's hateful anti-brown law, SB 1070, Arpaio is heard responding to a prisoner's question of whether the federal government has greater authority than he does.  "No," Old Joe replied, "Nobody is higher than me."  He told the prisoner that he is elected by the people and serves the people - and not any governor or president.

Nobody is higher than Joe Arpaio.  Not Governor Brewer, not President Obama, not the Duke of Earl, not the Queen of England, and not the Prince of Peace.  Joe trumps them all - and he serves the people -  well, the old white ones, anyway.

What's so danged hard to understand about that?

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