Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Waiting for Hillary

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

One of the things that I most dislike about Hillary Clinton is her almost maniacal obsession with fundraising.  Yes, I understand that money makes the world go round and it is also the lifeblood of elections - particularly in the United States of Graft and Greed, but at some point enough should be enough, and the candidate should come forward, like traditional politicians, and begin wading through crowds and pressing the flesh.   Poor Hillary, however,  seems to be giving dollars more weight than votes, and sees victory as being represented by a gigantic number preceded by a dollar sign.

Hillary, there are more babies to be kissed than just your grandchildren.

My other concern with Hillary is that she continues to basically ignore my state - Missouri - and seems to have written it off to Trump.  Yes, I know that last week her campaign promised to split a million dollars between Missouri and Indiana in the slightest of nods to those two red states, and I'm certain that our statewide candidates appreciate every Democratic dollar that comes into the state, but a portion of a million dollars is a pittance in a national election, an insignificant sliver of what Clinton has taken out of the Show-Me state.

Whichever candidate carries Missouri gets its ten electoral votes - all of them.  If Hillary concedes the state to Trump, what is my motivation for voting for her?  He will get the ten electoral votes regardless of how I vote - unless, of course, Hillary has a change of heart and decides to really work the state like an earnest candidate.

But Team Clinton has gotten ahead of me on that train of logic.  Now, with the election safely in hand as far as electoral vote totals go, Hillary and her people are out addressing the next big contest - the one where Trump the Loser storms in to question her legitimacy - because of "rigged elections" and all that conspiracy stuff that Republicans do so well.  One way they see for her to combat that is to win over fifty-percent of the popular votes, hopefully with a number so big and convincing that rational people will have no recourse but to accept the results.  If the emphasis is on popular votes, then my vote is as important as that of anyone else.

So now my vote suddenly is important in the popular vote scheme of things.  Donald Trump will not get my vote, but beyond that I have made no decisions.  It would help Hillary's case, however, if she would quit begging cash from lobbyists and Wall Street long enough to stop by the farm and solicit my vote in person.  (I'm waiting on the front porch, Hill.)  When that happens - or when she shows any interest at all in winning Missouri - my vote will go to Hillary Clinton.  

Until then, Jill Stein still looks mighty fine.

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