Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Missouri GOP Cranks Out the Junk Mail

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Yesterday I received two pieces of political junk mail - actual bulk rate mail that arrived in my mailbox.  Both were correctly addressed to me personally - and both were in support of Republican statewide candidates.

The Missouri Republican Party sent out a glossy flyer which bore the stern warning that "Healthcare options are disappearing because of Obamacare."  (As if Republicans give a rat's ass about anyone's healthcare other than their own.)  The flyer was in support of incumbent Senator Roy Blunt, although it was careful not to mention Blunt by name.  Instead of saying anything positive about Ol' Roy, of whom there is not much to brag about, the advertisement was a hit piece on Democratic Secretary of State Jason Kander, the Afghanistan War veteran who is set to knock Blunt from his seat on the Washington gravy train in less than two weeks.

The front of the Missouri Republican Party's flyer urges voters to "Get the facts on Clinton and Kander's plan to take over our healthcare,"  The reverse of the flyer has dark, ominous drawings of Hillary Clinton and Jason Kander along with the standard GOP drivel about the coming ruination of America because of Obamacare and the deadly role that Clinton and Kander will play in taking away people's options.

(Sadly, there was no image of Ol' Roy Blunt who has the face of a worn out basset hound.)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens sent a mailer as well, and his effort also attempted to tie his opponent, Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster, tightly to Hillary Clinton.  One side shows some dark skinned individuals scaling what appears to be a border wall - no doubt heading north to the good life.  The caption reads, "With Chris Koster and Hillary Clinton THERE WON'T EVEN BE A WALL."

Egads!  No wall!  We'll all be run down by taco trucks!

While it remains unclear, at least to me, what role a governor of Missouri would play in constructing a border wall several states away, Greitens persists with his delusion.  He faults Koster for donating money to Clinton's campaign and refers to his opponent as "just another liberal career politician."

Again, like the piece put out by the GOP, Greitens' flyer contains some unflattering photos of Clinton and Koster, and all of the verbiage is about them - and it is, of course, all exceedingly negative.   Greitens never mentions himself of his positions in the advertisement.

So there you have it.  Both Kander and Koster are liberals out to ruin America through (take your pick) healthcare reform or immigration reform - and both are little more than appendages to the monster that is Hillary Clinton.  Nothing positive is stated about the Republican candidates for Missouri Governor or Senator, and recipients of the mailers are left to suppose that they must be better than the awful Democratic choices.

I like political mailers because they are expensive and draw down the financial resources of the senders - and they are not very effective.  Mailers are, in fact, an anachronism in this modern age.  But I will save both of these, because Jason Kander and Chris Koster each have bright political futures and some day, perhaps when one of them resides in the White House, these flaming flyers of flamboyant falsehoods will be good for a laugh.

And just for the record, Hillary Clinton has rarely and barely touched down in Missouri during this election cycle.  I doubt she could find it with a map.

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