Sunday, October 30, 2016

Billy Bush and Carlos Danger Spice Up Campaigns

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

This week it's Hillary's turn to be popping and sizzling on the hot griddle of public scorn, but Donald has spent his fair share of time being burned to a crisp as well.

Donald Trump was well known before the election process even began for being a bully and blowhard, in fact he had a television reality show that was based on those characteristics.  He was also known to have an eye for the women, with two ex-wives, a current wife who came with a portfolio of erotic self-images, and co-ownership of the Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA, and Miss USA pageants.

But then things began to get dicey and heated in the Trump camp when an audio recording was released of him discussing grabbing women by the genitals and being able to get away with it because he was "a star."  Lots of American women were not as amused as was Billy Bush, the giggling interviewer who was speaking with Trump on the damning tape.

Bush, a nephew of former President George H.W. Bush and first-cousin to his potato-brained sons, Dubya and Jebya, was a relatively new employee of The Today Show when the tapes surfaced, but NBC soon cut its losses and terminated his employment.  Donald Trump, clad in the glowing memory of his prep school uniform,  soldiered on, battered but not broken, and faced down a growing number of women who were finding the courage to come forward with tales of being sexually groped and shamed by the Republican presidential nominee.  Trump painted all of his accusers as liars, and most as being too ugly to merit his sexual attention.  He also promised to sue them after the bother of the presidential election was safely in his rearview mirror.

But Donald Trump, aged seventy, with a portly frame and weighing in at well over two-hundred pounds is only as sexually attractive as his bank account enables him to be.  Carlos Danger, a.k.a. former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, is far more fit and has the photographs to prove it.  Well, he may not be in actual possession of his studly self-images at this exact time because the FBI has seized all of his, and his family's, electronic devices, but plenty of female acquaintances on the internet, including one who reportedly is only fifteen-years-old, have been treated to intimate snapshots of the dashing young politician as he hurtles down the ladder of success.

Weiner, whose internet nom de plume is "Carlos Danger," is the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton.  He resigned from Congress in 2011 after the first wave of sexting scandals broke around him.  Weiner attempted a political comeback in 2013 with a run for Mayor of New York, but that effort was cut short by more sexting scandals.  In August of 2016 after yet another sexting scandal broke, this one involving a photo of Weiner lying in bed next to his young son, Huma Abedin announced that she was separating from her exhibitionist husband.  A month later the Daily Mail broke a story that Weiner had sent an inappropriate email to a fifteen-year-old girl.

Lurid emails to a minor gave the FBI more than enough latitude to visit the Weiner household and seize all electronic devices - reportedly including their young son's "Speak and Spell."  That, of course, led to whatever it was that FBI Director James Comey feels connects the Weiner investigation with the earlier examination of Hillary Clinton's email situation.

The election that will determine who will be the next President of the United States and the leader of the free world is now only nine days away - that's single digits!    As that day of reckoning draws nigh, it begins to look as though the winner may be the one who is most successful at staying out of the news during those final days - because clearly America already knows far too much about both candidates.

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