Sunday, October 2, 2016

Two Little Deer

by Pa Rock
Farmer in Fall

Two young deer have been visiting Rock's Roost on an almost daily basis.  They come up close to the farm buildings in search of food just as dawn is breaking and during the last light of dusk, dining on the grain that the farmer has scattered for his chickens.    With each visit they become braver and a bit more comfortable in the farm surroundings.  The little deer are as observant of the farmer as he is of them, and they show almost no concern as he putters about doing his chores.

The deer have eaten the pears that have fallen from the farmer's pear tree, and when there isn't enough fruit on the ground to satisfy their hunger, they butt their heads against the tree trunk trying to get more pears to drop to the ground.  They also stop by the salt lick that the farmer set out just for them, and there is enough water in the pond to quench their thirst.

The other day the farmer had to drive to town to do some errands.  The two deer, standing at the edge of the wood, saw him leave and decided it would be a good time to visit the farm in daylight.  Some people on the adjoining property watched them scamper up to the chicken coop and begin to eat out of the hen's feed pan.  Suddenly the deer jumped away, then returned to the pan, and then jumped away again.  As the neighbors watched they finally were able to see what was occurring.  Fiona, the cat, was guarding the feed and would jump at the deer as they got close.  It turned into a game with the deer darting in and out of Fiona's area of dominance and getting what food they could.

Silly cat!

Most creatures at Rock's Roost eat well every day, and the little deer are welcome to what they can forage, regardless of how Fiona feels about it.  (Rosie also enjoys giving them a merry chase when she is outside.)  Times are good, and the farmer hopes that the hunters don't figure just how tame the little deer are because they are important members of the little farm community.

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