Saturday, October 15, 2016

If Trump Can't Win, then Nobody Can

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Donald Trump, a man obsessed with beauty, is hellbent on turning the 2016 presidential election into the ugliest political contest in the history of our republic.  Trump, through his own deliberate words and actions, has gotten himself into a place from which it would be virtually impossible to win the election - a big electoral hole, and, as the old joke goes, he just keeps on digging.

The absolute backbone of the GOP over the past several elections has been white men without college degrees and white suburban women.  Trump's appeal among the lesser educated voters appears to remain strong, but his unfettered and bizarre rants against women have left that once mighty GOP block of votes in disarray, with many fleeing the party altogether to support the nation's first female presidential candidate.

This probably wasn't the Republican Party's optimal election cycle in which to nominate a raging sexist.

The Trump campaign suffered an apparent mortal wound last week when a "hot mic" tape surfaced which revealed that ten years earlier the candidate had talked about women to an interviewer in extremely lewd terms, a conversation that stressed how easy it was for him to force his way on women, sexually, and get away with it because he was "a star."  It was a pig narrative delivered by a pig.  That revelation came on the heels of his public shaming of a former Miss Universe over issues of her weight and appearance - and it was followed by a series of women coming forward and revealing that they had been insulted, groped, and/or otherwise sexually assaulted by the billionaire blowhard.

But the pig keeps digging.  Trump has shot back that not only are these new accusing women a pack of liars, but they are ugly as well.  Take that, bimbos!  Donald Trump, Jr. has even seem fit to add to his father's defense by declaring that women who can't handle harassment don't belong in the work force.  Dig, dig, dig!

It's no small wonder, one must suppose, that some news sources are giving Hillary over a 90% chance of winning the presidency.  Several states are already voting and the election itself is just a little over three weeks away.  The odds of Trump pulling a come-from-behind win decrease daily and are now literally almost non-existent.

The election train is barrelling down the tracks and at this point it has to be obvious to even The Donald himself that the man who always sees himself as a winner is not going to win this one.  Donald Trump in all of his bluster and bombast is heading into the history books as little more than a footnote.  He's going out, but he will not go quietly.

This morning at 7:23 a.m. Trump was back at his keyboard banging out tweets and desperately trying  to right the world.  The man who threatened Hillary Clinton with investigation and jail if he becomes president, knows he is about to be beaten by a woman - and he is furious - and he is still digging.  The Donald tweeted this:

"Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail.  Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election."

Morons arise!  If Hillary wins it is because the election was rigged.  It will be as outrageous as when that Kenyan Muslim was illegally elected President of the United States.  Obama's presidency wasn't legitimate - and Hillary's won't be legitimate either.

Donald Trump will lose the presidential election, he knows that.  The objective now is to delegitimize Hillary's victory - to convince a large block of Americans that she stole the election.  The people who will believe Trump and wallow in his delusions are angry, well armed, and easily manipulated.  They won't be any more accepting of Hillary's leadership than they were of Obama's. 

Trump will lose, but he and his rabble may ultimately prevail by insuring that nobody really wins. 

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