Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jan Brewer Taunts Arizona Hispanics

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It looks as though the Sand Hag has taken an extra spin or two on her barstool and is now speaking total gibberish.

Former Arizona governor Jan Brewer, one of the few prominent women in America who enthusiastically support Donald Trump for President, told the Boston Globe this week that the Hispanic vote in Arizona is essentially a non-issue.  She is not concerned in the least that Hillary Clinton is leading in some Arizona polls, and feels that Trump will ultimately prevail.  In minimizing the impact that Hispanic voters would have on next month's election, Brewer said:

"Nah.  They don't get out and vote.  They don't vote."
Translation (from the original gibberish):  Hispanic voters in Arizona don't matter.

Brewer's words almost sounded like a taunt.  And there are three old white guys by the names of McCain, Arpaio, and Trump who probably wish Brewer would shut the hell up.   All are facing tight races in the Scorpion State and don't need or want the added pressure of a fired-up Hispanic populace.

Okay, Arizona Hispanics, you've been challenged.  It's time to show the politician who signed the odious SB1070 into law that brown voters really do matter!

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