Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Magnificent Three Ride into Hardy, Arkansas

by Pa Rock
Tour Guide

My visiting guests and I enjoyed a beautiful fall drive down to the quiet community of Hardy, Arkansas, yesterday.   Hardy is a small town consisting primarily of a short Main Street.  Like so many towns in rural America, the family businesses that had built and sustained the struggling community all began shutting down as the Walmart cancer devoured America.  Now, those unique old buildings are being converted to flea markets and craft stores. 

We visited several of Hardy's flea markets and chatted with some of the locals.  Daniel came back from the outing with a unique Christmas ornament, something that will travel back with him to Japan - and I found something that I needed - a walnut and oak cutting board.  Valerie put the cutting board to good use this morning when she fixed us all delicious veggie and egg scrambles for breakfast.  You just can't beat those farm-fresh eggs, especially when they are whipped into shape by a master chef like Valerie!

Last night we went to the local movie theatre and watched the remake of The Magnificent Seven.  It's a real shoot-em-up, something my Dad would have loved!  Movie selections right now are rather thin.  After returning home late in the evening our efforts were focused on trying to find complete episodes of Green Acres on some of the streaming sites!

Most of the conversation between the three old friends focused on the current national political situation, and the dark and foreboding presidential debate from Sunday evening.  As of this morning we are each talking about writing ourselves in for President.

Today we will be out and about exploring more of the Ozarks in this beautiful fall weather!

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