Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ol' Roy Blunt: The Worst of Washington

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Senator Roy Blunt, a Republican of Missouri and patriarch of a family of Washington lobbyists, had been expecting to stroll to re-election this fall in a cake-walk, but Blunt's easy path to victory has been complicated by the emergence of a strong and very popular opponent.  Jason Kander, Missouri's secretary of state and the youngest statewide office holder in America, is giving Ol' Roy the run of his political career.  Now, in fact, most reputable news sources are labeling Missouri's hotly-contested senate race as a "toss-up," and some are even giving the edge to Kander.

Jason Kander volunteered for service in the Afghanistan War.  Roy Blunt, who was of military age during the Vietnam War, demurred from wearing his country's uniform through acceptance of multiple deferrals.

The political sands began shifting a few weeks ago when Kander put out a brilliant ad in response to the NRA endorsing Blunt.  The Kander political commercial featured him assembling an automatic weapon - blindfolded - while he discussed his patriotism and military service.  Blunt and the NRA were left firing blanks, almost literally.

Today a new political ad emerged in support of Jason Kander.  It discusses the fact that Kander volunteered to serve his country, and that Roy Blunt's contribution to the war effort was to slip an amendment into the Homeland Security Bill to benefit a tobacco company - Phillip Morris - which was the employer of his lobbyist wife and one of his lobbyist adult children.

Kander served in uniform in an active war situation - while Blunt tried to make a buck.

The ad concludes by saying that Jason Kander represents the best of America - while Roy Blunt is symbolic of the worst of Washington.

Voter registration ends today in Missouri.  Signing-up to vote is the first step in the process to remove Ol' Roy Blunt and his family of greedy lobbyists from the hallowed halls of Congress.

Jason Kander represents the future of Missouri and America, while Ol' Roy Blunt represents self-interest and the world of Donald Trump.

The choice could not be clearer.  

Forward, Missouri!

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