Monday, October 10, 2016

Old Friends are the Best

by Pa Rock

Two of my best friends from the years on Okinawa are at the farm for a visit.  Valerie Seitz, a social worker who now lives and works in the Phoenix area, and Daniel Murphy, a psychologist who still works with the military - now on mainland Japan, arrived late last night and will be here most of the week.  Each visited The Roost individually two years ago, and this trip is the first time that the three of us have been together since Valerie and Daniel drove me to the airport in Naha, Okinawa, in July of 2012 for my return flight to the United States.

So we have a lot to catch up on!

My company arrived last night while the bitter presidential debate was in progress.  Daniel, in particular - and due to living overseas, was astonished at the sordidness of the current political situation.  And he is right - it does seem like we are circling the drain and heading into the sewer.

More on the debate later.

Welcome friends!

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