Thursday, October 20, 2016

Such a Nasty Man

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I was in town playing pinochle during the first part of last night's presidential debate and missed Donald Trump's refusal to say if he would abide by the election results or not.    The Republican candidate said that he would keep the country "in suspense" regarding his acceptance of the results until after the election.   The implication seemed to be that if he didn't win, then of course the election was rigged.  How could someone as great as Donald J. Trump possibly lose at anything?

Trump's refusal to acknowledge the idea of free and fair elections in the United States seems to be the major takeaway from the debate by news organizations - with many portraying it as a full-frontal assault on the most basic tenet of democracy.  And I missed it.  But there was a moment in the final third of the debate which I felt was almost as revealing about the deplorable character of Donald Trump - and I was in front of the computer to witness that one.

Hillary had been talking about the importance of pumping more money into the Social Security fund, and said she would do that by increasing taxes on the rich.  She noted that meant she would pay more in taxes and so would Trump - unless he figured out a way to avoid it.  Trump interrupted at that point and said (about Hillary), "Such a nasty woman."  Well, to be completely honest, his words were more of a snarl than a statement.  Not only did the word "nasty" have a strong perjorative sting to it, but so did the word "woman."  Hillary was being "nasty," and she was a "woman"  - a strong double negative in Trump-speak.

Trump's "nasty woman" comment was more than just bad manners, it was yet another example of his male arrogance and active disdain of women. 

The only nasty thing on that stage last night was Trump himself.

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