Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ugly Choices

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

One ticket is headed by an unregistered sex offender whose irrational and explosive behaviors render him unfit for any political office, much less the presidency of a nuclear-armed nation - and the other ticket is under the leadership of a woman who has spent a lifetime enabling and covering up sexual indiscretions of her spouse and hacking her way through the political jungle in a relentless pursuit of the presidency, no matter who she had to mangle to get there.  Both are draped in scandal, driven by greed, and obsessed with a raging desire for power.

Hillary Clinton will be elected President a week from this coming Tuesday, of that there is little doubt - even with the political stumbling and/or shenanigans of FBI Director James Comey.

Hillary is coming and not every Republican is upset about it.  As Hillary moves back into the White House and begins to sort through her baggage, Republicans in Congress will fire up the investigations and America will have four full years of Congress doing nothing more than harassing the President - just like they've done for the last four years.  The stuff that Hillary brings in with her will be plenty to keep the investigative committees running through her complete first term - just like they managed to do during the entirety of Obama's last term.

Nothing will be accomplished - just day-after-day of dreary headlines based on half-truths, innuendo, and complete falsehoods.  And that doesn't take into account anything controversial that Hillary or her team of paranoids is likely to do from their power perch in the Oval Office.

John McCain has already pulled the curtain back on part of the Republican anti-governing strategy when he let it slip that any judicial appointments by Hillary might not even be considered by the Senate - in the same manner as that august legislative body employed in ignoring the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland for most of the past year.  The Garland nomination has taught the troglodytes in control of the Senate that they can sit on nominations with absolutely no messy repercussions.   In fact, if the country keeps electing Democratic President's and Republican Congresses, at some point the poor Supreme Court will completely cease to exist.

So far Hillary hasn't done much toward changing the political majorities in Congress, an oversight she will mourn piteously when she moves back into the White House and finds all of those mangy Republican committee chairmen standing around anxious to begin sorting through her baggage - for if there's one thing Mrs. Bill Clinton has plenty of, it's baggage.

Donald Trump is now suggesting that perhaps the election should be postponed.  Too little, too late, Donzo.  What America needs is a do-over of the nominations - as well as a new nominating process - because we've seen the future, and, whichever way you look at it, the future is ugly.

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