Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Yoron Express

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Our gang rented a car and traipsed over the island of Yoron for most of the afternoon.  We visited a Shinto cemetery, strolled some beautiful beaches, and walked the streets of Chabana, the island's only town.  Nefredia drove and the rest of us were content to give contradictory directions at every turn and intersection.  She may never drive again!

It has been sprinkling most of the afternoon.  We have heard that Typhoon Songda is near Kadena and should reach our location about midnight.  We are supposed to return to Okinawa tomorrow afternoon, but there is a good chance the seas will still be so rough that we may have to spend an extra night here.  None of us are hating that possibility!

We are safe and ready to hunker down.

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