Monday, May 9, 2011

Ramble MIA

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

There was no fresh posting on Pa Rock's Ramble last night - the first omission in a couple of years.  I tried, oh how I tried, but in the end it just was not to be.

I actually had a good story ready to go last night, a little piece that combined Republican goofiness with religious zealotry, always an interesting combination, but the Gods at Google would not let it happen.  Blogspot had some silliness going on that kept me from being able to type into the allotted space.  I could title the posting, but could not proceed with the narrative.

My first thought was that it might be an issue with my computer or the internet connection at my apartment.  With that in mind I took my spare computer (the Sony Notebook that I bought in Korea) and headed across the street to Camp Foster to avail myself of one of their hot spots.  That, however, was a wasted trip - Blogspot still held me at bay.

Today I am at a different hot spot at Kadena using one of their computers, and all appears to be well.  If my luck holds until tonight, the Ramble will be back up and functioning on a regular basis.  If it doesn't work out, just consider me to be on vacation!

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