Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flight Into Fury

by Pa Rock

Typhoon Songda, reportedly a very big weather event, is slowly making ti's way toward Okinawa and is expected to march along the western edge of our little island on Saturday night before heading on to mainland Japan. But that's not all that is occurring hereabouts over the Memorial Day weekend.

Three friends and myself had already made plans to go to Yoron Island - a boat ride of nearly five hours out into the East China Sea.  We are leaving tomorrow morning (Friday) if the ferry is still running.  If weather permits, we will ride motor scooters and bicycles around the island and play on the beaches.  We have hotel rooms for two nights and plan to come back Sunday.  If the weather is crappy, which it well could be, we will stay in the hotel and read and relax.

We are all hopeful that we can make it off of Okinawa before the weather hits, and if we get "typhooned in" on Yoron, hundreds of miles from our jobs, and have to stay a few extra days - well, that would just be gravy!

Now if I could just get the tune from Gilligan's Island out of my head!

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Xobekim said...

It sure looks like Kadena is line for a direct hit. Be safe.