Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Storm Has Passed

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Typhoon Songda hit Yoron Island with an explosive impact about 11:00 p.m. yesterday evening, shortly after I returned to my room following cards and games at Nefredia's.  I was lying in bed reading and listening to the howling winds when the lights went out.  That was my clue to roll over and go to sleep.  This morning the grounds of the hotel are covered with palm fronds and assorted plant debris, but all of the resort's buildings appear to be intact.

We have already learned the the ferry to Okinawa is not running today - but "maybe tomorrow."  If it doesn't run tomorrow, the four of us will have some "splainin'" to do with our Air Force bosses!  But that crisis is a full day away.  This morning I am headed to the beach to see what treasure Songda brought ashore during the night.  (Yesterday I found a pocketful of sea glass and a hermit crab that looked like he was pulling a Winnebago!)

This has been my best holiday weekend in a long time!

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