Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Little More About Yoron

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

It is Monday morning on Yoron Island and our sun-burnt band of weary travelers is still here.  We were due to leave yesterday, but the ferry didn't run because the seas were still too rough in the wake of Typhoon Songda.  We have been  told today to expect the errant ferry at noon - or six p.m. - or maybe tomorrow.  Island time - gotta love it!

Nefredia and I rode bicycles around a portion of the island yesterday and got to see some of the storm damage firsthand.  It wasn't as bad as what I had expected, and the industrious Yoronites were busy cleaning up the downed branches and other debris as we peddled through their lives.

The four of us rented a car in the afternoon and drove around the island, taking time to walk along a couple of the gorgeous beaches.  A young man lying near the shoreline on one of the beaches had his fishing pole propped up against his motorcycle.  As I approached he greeted me in perfect English.  It turns out that he went to college in San Diego.  (So now he naps by the seashore and fishes - while all my degree is good for is social work.  Life just doesn't seem fair!)

Yesterday we met an Apostolic minister who used to ply his trade in Oklahoma City.  Small world.

There are butterflies everywhere - black with blue spots, fornicating cats, and grasshoppers at least twice the size of those that live in the Ozarks.

Home to Okinawa later today - hopefully!

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