Monday, May 16, 2011

McCain Speak

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Three of the Arizona McCain's have been in the news for speaking their minds over the past few days.  Cindy (the wife/heiress) and Meghan (the daughter/journalist) both lit on Glenn Beck like a couple of piss-soaked hornets after Beck made several disparaging remarks about Meghan's appearance.  She apparently made a public service announcement (PSA) for television promoting skin cancer awareness - and showed a lot of skin, though nothing that was not PG - in the process.  Beck, reacting at his juvenile best, suggested that she needed to put on extra clothing, and then he punctuated his remarks by pretending to barf in a trash can.

Cindy fired back that she was glad that Beck has lost his job at Fox, and Meghan responded by wondering, in print, if he even liked women - and then noted that his little rant had generated more publicity for the PSA and her fight against skin cancer.  (Glenn, you inadvertently did something good - that's gotta hurt!)

(Both John and Cindy McCain have suffered from skin cancer.)

But it was snarly old John who actually lobed the biggest family verbal bomb last week.  He took on the stupid end of the Republican Party (which is most of the party) when he said that he had visited with CIA Director Panetta and learned that none of the information leading to the killing of Bin Laden had been the result of torture or enhanced interrogation.  And then speaking from personal experience as a prisoner of war for over six years, he belittled the practice of torturing prisoners - which does not provide good intelligence anyway - and reminded us all that America is better than that.  McCain said things that the relics from the Bush administration needed to hear.

I haven't had much reason to sing John McCain's praises since he turned his back on America and made Sarah Palin a national political figure, but when it comes to torture - the man knows his stuff!  What a shame we had to spend eight years forgetting our humanity under the corrupt reign of Bush and Cheney!


Xobekim said...

Now that McCain has won re-election he no longer needs to mindfully pander to the mindless masses of the radical right's lunatic fringe. WARNING: WATCHING FOX CAN IMPAIR YOUR JUDGMENT!

That last election must have been a tough one for McCain to stomach.

The primary rule, as one late and former Missouri Lieutenant Governor (Bill Morris) once told me was to tell the people what they want to hear.

Hence, I am not a politician.

Don said...

There was a time, not so long ago, when I had a lot of respect for John McCain. He fulminated against torture and served as a gadfly, often skewering those in his party who made a career of pandering to big business.
But then came the 2000 South Carolina primary, and George W's vicious and personal attack.
The party bigs told McCain that if he "wanted his turn" at the nomination, he had to make nice with Georgie boy.
And so McCain did -- and ever after lost track of his bearing and his values, thus redefining his place in American political history.