Sunday, May 22, 2011

Apocalypse Not

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It is late Sunday evening on the island of Okinawa.  The world did not end here on Saturday, and as Saturday begins to draw to a close in the last few time zones, it does not look like anything too horrendous or miraculous happened over the weekend.  The Rapture was a dud.

There was some hail and tornadoes around Topeka which caused me to wonder if God was directing her energies at taking out the Phelps Klan, but the compound is reportedly still standing.  (One well placed lightening bolt up Fred's backside would make a believer out of me!)

I understand that Harold Camping's Family Radio has been quiet all day.  I hope that when the wizened old fake takes to the air again he has the decency to apologize.  While most of us laughed at his antics, he had many followers who altered their lives in drastic ways to prepare for the Rapture.

Harold, the Bible does not contain secrets that only you are capable of deciphering - and you do not know the mind of God.  It's time to give your grandiosity a rest.  

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Xobekim said...

It took a lot of resolve not to prank one of our pro-rapture churches in town. We toyed with the idea of leaving a full set of clothes on their sidewalk. You know, socks inside the shoes, underwear inside the pants, as though the body was snatched plum out.

The super cell that formed just north of Emporia kept forming rear flanking tornadoes. At one point there were three twisters. The big Kahuna wiped the town of Reading, Ks. all but off the map. One person was killed. The National Weather Service issued a warning calling the Reading tornado a large and dangerous storm.

The super cell was generally tracking to the northeast along Interstate 35 while the tornadoes was tracking east. Reading is west of where we live.

Rapture, no. Killer tornado, too close for comfort.