Friday, May 27, 2011

Morning on Yoron

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

It's Saturday morning on Yoron Island.  The rain is falling very lightly.  I'm not sure when the brunt of Typhoon Songda will hit, but anticipate that it will be later today.

This morning finds me sitting on the floor of the tiny computer room in the hotel lobby.  It houses one computer which operates off of yen coins.  It is a wi-fi hotspot though, so I am using the small Sony Notebook that I got in Korea.  It is very easy to cart around to the world's remote corners.

Last night I sat up late reading from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, followed by The Teaching of Buddha.  Both seemed somewhat relevant to this holiday outing!  Reading what I want, when I want - uninterrupted, is a sound basis for a successful holiday!

The breakfast buffet is preparing to open.  After that, rain permitting, I will walk along the beautiful beach behind the hotel and pick up shells and maybe the odd piece of sea glass.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.  I know that I will!

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