Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Long Drive Home

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It's raining this evening on Okinawa and traffic was crawling.  My ten-minute commute took an hour and two minutes - a personal record.  The only thing that could have made it worse was if I was  forced to choose between listening to a moron on the radio or sitting and brooding in silence.  Oh, wait!  I did listen to a moron on the radio - sporadically - a short burst of noise followed by a few minutes of enforced silence - and when the silence became too great - another short burst of noise.

The Rushbag was spewing his blithering racism the entire hour that I was on the road, wall-to-wall offal about the killing of Bin Laden.  It was just so unfair and unseemly that this astounding feat of military prowess occurred under the direction of a Democratic President - especially this black Democratic President.  I'm not sure if Rush's intent was to have his sarcasm dripping with envy, or his envy dripping with sarcasm - but regardless, the smell was unmistakably Limbaugh.

The point that Rushbag was trying to make was that the President used too many first person pronouns and possessives - I, me, my, etc - when describing the events of that evening in Pakistan.  Rush wanted us all to realize, like he did, that the President was hogging all of the glory - glory that should have gone to the troops.  But I heard the same speech, at least I think it was the same speech, and I felt that President Obama was extremely pleased with and proud of the brave troops who stormed the compound.  One thing is for certain, if the evening had ended in failure, Rush would have assigned one hundred percent of the blame to the President.

President Obama wasn't hogging the glory - he was assuming responsibility.  The buck (all of the decision-making) stopped with him.

Rush, this is a great time in America.  Why don't you just chill for a day or two and let the country celebrate?  And if you need a little help relaxing, maybe your maid could scurry out to an all-night pharmacy and pick up a little something to help you relieve the stress!


Bk in MO said...

LOL. Over here on this side of the big pond, the right wingers are in full swing. They are so pissed that a Black man did what their buddy, Bush couldn't (or wouldn't) do in eight years. I find it extremely ironic that:
Sr. Bush was having breakfast with one of Bin Laden's brothers the morning of 9/11;
The only plane moving in the days after the tragedy was one hopping all over the U.S. picking up Bin Laden relatives for safe passage back to Saudi Arabia;
Bush said he wasn't all that concerned about capturing Bin Laden (2003) in a press conference;
that it took a Black man to clean up the messes left behind the pristinely white Bush administration.

bk in MO said...

That should have been By the Bush administration - trying to type too fast. LOL