Thursday, September 1, 2016

Taking Flight

by Pa Rock

I'm currently sitting in the airport terminal at Kansas City International awaiting my Alaska Airlines flight to Portland - a nonstop flight!  I didn't realize that it was possible to book a nonstop flight anywhere, much less halfway across the United States.  That will really be a treat!

I guess they call airport gathering points "terminals" because they are where flights end - but referring to a place where flights originate as a "terminal" sounds a bit ominous.

This trip to Kansas City has been very brief, but I did get to spend a bit quality time with my grandchildren, Olive and Sullivan.  Olive is preparing for her final year of pre-school, and Sullivan, who is just two-and-a-half months old is beginning to smile and chatter.  Sullivan's mother, Erin, has printed out the blog post that I wrote to him on the day he was born, enlarged it slightly, and has it framed on his bedroom wall.  I am very proud of that!

This evening I will get to see my Oregon grandchildren - Sebastian, Judah, and Willow.  I got them tee shirts here at the airport which they can wear to school - and a Hot Wheels car for each.  They all like cars!  Hopefully we can get in some serious toy-shopping while I am there!

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molly. said...

I love that Erin printed and hung your blog post for Sullivan. She mentioned to me the last time I saw her how she loves that you always blog about the grandkids on their birthdays. And this was literally Sullivan's BIRTH day, so I can imagine how happy she was to see that blog.