Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Political Signage

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

There aren't many political signs or bumper stickers on display in my community of West Plains, Missouri.  I have a Koster sticker on my car which promotes our Democratic candidate for governor.  There are a few large signs along major roadways, all supporting Republican statewide candidates, and a couple of local redneck businesses are festooned with Trump paraphernalia.

Today I made a drive to Kansas City for a flight to Oregon tomorrow.  Along the way I saw two bumper stickers:  one supporting the re-election of Roy Blunt, our Republican senator and the patriarch of a coven of lobbyists.  The other was promoting Democrat Chris Koster for governor.

The governor's race is interesting in that the Democrats have nominated Koster, our state's current attorney general, and the Republicans have selected a first-time office seeker, Eric Greitens, who is running on his military record.  The interesting aspect of the race is that Koster is a former Republican and Greitens is a former Democrat.  All bases are covered!

The senate race in Missouri is also worth mentioning.   Blunt, the well oiled and financed incumbent, is leading in the polls - but not by much.  He could be defeated by the Democratic candidate Secretary of State Jason Kander if Hillary Clinton would get off of her well-financed butt and actively campaign in the state.   Right now she seems to be ceding Missouri to Trump.

(If Hillary writes off Missouri, this poor typist will write her off.  One of the third-party candidates would probably appreciate my vote.)

I did see one interesting bumper sticker at the grocery store here in the Kansas suburbs of KC.  It was a profile drawing of Trump's blonde hair along with the words:  "Stop Bigotry."  Of course, Trump says he is not a bigot - he tells that to his all-white audiences before challenging blacks to vote for him because they have nothing to lose.

Sadly, they have nothing to gain, either.

Trump was in Mexico today trying to appear statesmanlike.  Hopefully President Enrique Pena Nieto was able to fix him up with a delicious taco bowl for lunch - and maybe the names of some available maids who could slip across the border and work in his hotels!

Hurry up, November!

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