Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trump's Crazy Train

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I am thankful for many things, and very high on the list is the fact that I have lived long enough to see the U.S. presidential election of 2016 begin taking shape.  The race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, two deeply flawed candidates, just keeps getting more and more bizarre.

Hillary looks to the future while also glancing occasionally into the rear-view mirror to monitor a galloping herd of minor scandals - things like Benghazi, a couple of email messes, leaks from the DNC hack, the sure-to-come reanimation of Vince Foster, and Monica Lewinsky sightings.  It's just a matter of time until Monica's stained little blue dress shows up on Ebay or at Sotheby's.

And Trump, who likes looking backward to a time and land that never were - is being even more fun - if deranged can count as "fun."  Hillary famously said that The Donald is a man who can be baited with a tweet.  To prove her point she provoked the thin-skinned narcissist by showcasing a Muslim Gold Star family at the Democratic National Convention who used their time at the podium to berate the bigoted blowhard.  Trump was not only baited, he was hooked!  Now, more than a week later, he is still engaged in a war of words with the parents of a fallen American hero - and the Republican party can't get him to c ease and desist.  Trump has to have the last word, and if that means talking and yelling forever, so be it.

Donald Trump's insistence on getting back at the Khan family has led to stern rebukes from the Veterans of Foreign Wars as well as Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona - a man whom Trump now says he won't endorse - and Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire whom Trump is also marginalizing and belittling.  Then, just for good measure, Donald Trump informed the media that he is also not endorsing the reelection bid of House Speaker Paul Ryan at this time.  That has some bigwigs in his party furious at the nominee - including party chair Reince Priebus.

One Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives has said that he will vote for Hillary in November, and another stated that he is "just not there yet" when it comes to voting for Trump.  Other members of Congress are keeping their political distance from the candidate or trying to get him to focus on running a more disciplined campaign - and quit taking the bait.  The message is "sit down and shut up," though Donald seems to only be able to hear what he wants to hear.

This week it was learned that Donald Trump, a man who takes pride in being a bully, had asked one of his foreign policy experts why the U.S. can't use nuclear missiles in dealing with the world's problems.  Seriously.  Is it any wonder that President Obama has described Donald Trump as "unfit" to be President?

Now word is circulating that some top Republican Party officials may be planning an intervention with their volcanic candidate - tie him down in a room somewhere and talk til he listens.  The trouble with that, of course, is Trump doesn't listen.  He's smarter than the rest of us and has piles of inherited money to prove it.  Plan B seems to be to get at him through his kids.  He has some respect for them due to their superior breeding.

Another story in the news is that Republican Party strategists are formulating a plan of operation in the event that Donald gets mad and takes his toys and goes home - or withdraws from the race.  Apparently the Republican Central Committee can select a replacement.  However, that would all have to come together before the end of September in order to have time to get the new candidate's name on the ballot in all fifty states.  If Trump were to pull out in October, that would royally screw his party - and Donald would never think of harming a fellow Republican - unless of course it was John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, and on ad infinitum.

I haven't had this much fun since Rocky and Bullwinkle went off the air!

Every day more wheels roll off of the Trump Train, yet it still clings stubbornly to the tracks.  It thinks it can, it thinks it can - and God help us if it does!

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