Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Friends in High Places

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It hasn't been that long ago that a freckle-faced young girl wearing braces sat on the bleachers at a junior high school in Little Rock and dreamed of becoming a cheerleader, the absolute top of the social ladder.  Today that little girl from Arkansas has flowered into New York socialite Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky, a wealthy and shrewd political operative, wife, and mother of two.

According to the popular press, one of Chelsea's best New York buddies is Ivanka Trump Kushner, herself a busy and savvy socialite, wife, and mother of three.

Chelsea, age 36, and Ivanka, age 34, have more in common than just their stations in life, New York lifestyles, and their children.  Both ladies, raised as Protestants, married into the Jewish faith to husbands who are highly successful young businessmen.  No doubt when Chelsea and Ivanka take the kids to the park for a play date, they have much to discuss.

But the play dates have probably been put on hold as Chelsea's mother and Ivanka's father get necessarily down-and-dirty in their campaigns for the presidency.  In fact, a couple of news sources reported that the ladies formally placed their friendship on the shelf for the duration of the campaign.  Both Chelsea and Ivanka lead busy lives, and both are involved in the political campaigns of their parents, so tales of the kids and juicy social gossip will just have to wait.

There was a press report yesterday which revealed that Ivanka has left the Trump campaign behind for a few weeks while she takes a much needed break.  Ivanka is on vacation with another of her good friends, Wendi Deng Murdoch, age 47, the ex-wife of bazillionaire publisher Rupert Murdoch and the mother of his two youngest children.  Interestingly, Wendi is reportedly the current girlfriend of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump warns that the election is being rigged, but looking at the group of people crowding into that social bed - Chelsea and Marc, Ivanka and Jared, Wendi and Rupert and Vlad - one has to almost wonder if the entire human experience isn't being rigged.

Who knew there was life like that beyond cheerleading?

Would somebody please pass the Grey Poupon?

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