Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tougher than Chinese Algebra

by Pa Rock
Cher Groupie

Cher, the iconic singer and social activist, made news last January when she and Icelandic Glacial, a bottled water company, together donated 180,000 bottles of clean and safe drinking water to the government-ravaged people of Flint, Michigan.  When Cher sees a bad situation developing, she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

The same principle applies when Cher sees a bad person rising to political prominence in America.  This is her country, too, and she is not about to stand idly by and do nothing as fascism rears its ugly head of dyed, combed-over hair.  Cher has turned her big celebrity gun on Donald Trump - and she has done so with a vengeance.

Last Sunday Cher was in the gay mecca of Provincetown, Massachusetts, raising money for Hillary Clinton and doing some extreme venting on Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.   She referred to Trump as a "f---ing idiot,"  and she also labeled him a "consummate liar" and a "sociopathic narcissist."  She also managed to sing a few songs during her tireless tirade and help Hillary raise over a million dollars.

Cher's words about Hillary were much kinder than those she spewed at Trump.  She noted that although Mrs. Clinton can come off as somewhat shy, she can also a very formidable individual who is "tougher than Chinese algebra."

After decades of living with and around Bill Clinton, Hillary is undoubtedly razorback tough, but when it comes to spitting out Chinese equations, Cher ain't no slob either.   I would have no qualms about voting for her to lead our country.

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