Sunday, August 7, 2016

Little Marco Walks the Dogma

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida may not make it to work every day, or even most days, but his lackadaisical job attendance in no way deprives him of the right to say what's on his mind - even if his thoughts and insights are dangerously dumb.  The senator, whom Donald Trump famously dubbed "Little Marco," also fancies himself to be a Man of God, a Christian warrior with a righteous duty to protect the "unborn."

The Zika virus, a raging worldwide pandemic, is quickly spreading into the United States, and it has a penchant for attacking fetuses - with one result being severe microcephaly.  There are nearly two thousand cases of Zika already reported in the U.S., and over four hundred of those are in Florida.  So far Florida is the only state where cases of Zika are known to have resulted from contact with mosquitoes within the local area - six cases in all.  Zika cases are originating in Florida, they are spreading through mosquitoes and contact with infected people, and the resulting health crisis is deadly serious.

Enter Little Marco spewing his political opinion laced with religious dogma.  He was already on record as opposing abortion in cases of rape and incest, but now Marco Rubio has added to his holy list of intolerances.  He is opposed to abortion even in instances where the mother has contracted the Zika virus. 

It's what Jesus would have wanted -  medical suffering, a lifetime of hardship and disability, financial and social destitution - and all for what?  So that a baby can be born who will live with profound health defects and round-the-clock medical attention for decades?  Or so that Little Marco and people like him can go to bed at night feeling a little more pious and self-righteous?

Senator Rubio, it's time you stood for something besides religious intolerance.  How about becoming the poster boy for common sense and humanity.  Those are social viruses which we all need to be spreading.

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