Monday, August 29, 2016

John McCain: Panamanian Octogenarian

by Pa Rock

My former United States Senator, John Sidney McCain of Arizona, was born eighty years ago today in the Republic of Panama. 

McCain - a man who has spent more time on Sunday talk shows than Lawrence Spivak, Tim Russert, and George Will combined - is currently running for his sixth term in the Senate.  Tomorrow he faces Dr. Kelli Ward, a right-wing zealot and former Arizona State Senator, in a Republican primary.  If he wins that contest, which he is expected to do, McCain will face the much more formidable Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick in November.  Kirkpatrick's main campaign tactic has been to link the cranky old incumbent to the erratic GOP presidential standard bearer, Donald Trump - but Arizona tilts right anyway, so that strategy may not work.

Geriatric Republicans have a tendency of doing well in Arizona politics.  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ("Joe R. Piehole" to his close personal friends like me), age 84, is also on the fall ballot as he tries to secure his seventh term as sheriff of the whole white world.

Many happy returns, Johnny Mac - may you and Lindsey have a wheezing good time trying to blow out all of those candles!

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