Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Meet the Deplorables

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

When recently asked by a member of the press if Klan Man David Duke, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senator from Louisiana, is deplorable, The Donald ducked.  So, in response to no response from Trump on the question of David Duke's deplorability, Daily Kos  ( is this morning asking its readers if they think the ex-klansman is deplorable.  The results so far are a bit lopsided:

Yes:  1,354 votes  (99%)
No:  12 votes  (1%)
No Opinion:  3 votes  (0%)
Other deplorable people in the news this week include an Alabama Baptist minister who made headlines on Sunday when he suggested that people who don't want to stand for the national anthem should be shot  (Jesus would have loved that bit of Christian charity!), the seventy-three-year-old man who "cold-cocked" a sixty-nine-year-old female protester (who was using oxygen at the time) at a Trump rally in North Carolina on Monday, and Matt Bevin, the Republican governor of Kentucky,who suggested to a Fox interviewer that it might take a citizen response with guns to solve some of our political difficulties.

Donald Trump would like for America to believe that Hillary was slandering ordinary folks - school teachers, truck drivers, mill workers, farmers - the people who make America strong and resilient.  She wasn't.  She was speaking to the nut jobs who ignore the teachings of Christ while clinging ferociously to the mantle of Christianity,  to the children and grandchildren of immigrants who now desperately want to keep "foreigners" out, to unreconstructed Confederates, to people who hoard automatic weapons in a desperate desire to go to war with their own government, and to people who unabashedly and enthusiastically support hate, misogyny, and racism.

The deplorables know who they are - and so do the rest of us.  And, for that matter, so does Donald Trump.

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