Friday, September 30, 2016

Fat Boy Points his Chubby Finger

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

One has to wonder just how many feet Donald Trump is capable of stuffing into his large mouth at one time.   Trump has referred to American troops who fought in Iraq, brave individuals one and all, as "pussies and losers."  Then he went on a protracted tirade against a Muslim-American Gold Star family who lost a son in battle in Iraq.  But it is his senseless attacks on women, often over their appearance, where Trump really shines - like the highly polished pig that he truly is.

Donald Trump seems to have issues sharing the planet with women who look less than stunning in g-strings.  The flamboyant showman owned - until recently - the Miss Universe organization, as well as Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and on ad infinitum - all of which seems to have granted him some degree of "expertness" on the female face and form.   Donald knows beauty when he sees it, and he is not above name-calling and shaming women who don't live up to his high ideals.

Trump is also a person who has to have the last word on everything.

A beautiful young Venezuelan by the name of Alicia Machado won Trump's Miss Universe pageant back in 1998, but then fell out of favor with her lord and master during the year of her reign when she began to gain weight - a situation she blamed on The Donald constantly sniping at her with his sarcastic insults.  The topic of his treatment of Machado came up during last Monday night's debate, and Trump couldn't let it pass.  He had been baited and hooked.

Last night Donald Trump apparently went on a "tweet storm" during the middle of the night, a typing tirade on Twitter that took shots at Hillary for mentioning his fat-shaming of Alicia Machado, and some more insults for the former beauty pageant winner.  Trump is now calling her "Miss Piggy" for her weight issues, and "Miss Housekeeping" as a slam on her latina ethnicity.   Trump's outburst of tweets was so venomous that Hillary today used the term "unhinged" when discussing Trump's long night at the keyboard.

Donald Trump is out there telling us how real women should look and act.  The problem is, of course, that he doesn't know any real women.  He's talking about the Barbie Dolls that he pays to populate the bubble that he lives in.  But there are millions of real women out in the world that lies beyond the Trump bubble. and most of them, like most of the men who also live beyond the bubble, are not picture-perfect.

That is going to be a problem for Donald Trump because the Republican Party has yet to figure out a way to disenfranchise the overweight and ugly - although they are undoubtedly working on it!

Keep bellowing and typing, Donald.  You are literally your own worst enemy.  And Alicia Machado, now a United States citizen and voter, you are one heck of a hottie - regardless of what the pig says!

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