Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday's Poetry: "Gunning for Debate"

by Pa Rock
Poetry Appreciator

Today's poetry selection was penned by writer Erika Fine shortly after she heard about Donald Trump's plan to ban all Muslim's from entering the United States.  Her poem does a beautiful job of castigating the combed-over blowhard as well as exposing the amoral culture that spawned him.  It is being presented here in recognition of tonight's first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I like this piece very much.  It flows nicely, is crisp and clever, and zings home the point with pinpoint accuracy again and again and again.  May Hillary's aim be as true - and as deadly - as that of Ms. Fine.

Erika Fine is a contributor at WBUR's "Cognoscenti" where this poem first appeared.

Gunning for Debate
by Erika Fine

“The Donald” is a demagogue,
A xenophobic camera hog.
“Pack your bags and go away.
Stay outside the U.S.A.!”
That’s his anti-terror plan --

A Muslim inbound-travel ban.

The theme of Trump’s extreme regime
Brings to mind another scheme --
Internment for the Japanese
To “make us safe” and cure unease.

But help! We face a larger threat,
A bigger group we need to vet:
White Christian men who live alone
Are sadly more than Muslims prone
To kill and maim in random acts.
You don’t believe me? Check the facts!

And deadlier than all the others
Are white men living with their mothers!

So round 'em up and ship 'em out
We’ll all be safer, have no doubt!
What, you think that’s not allowed?
We’ve learned from Trump; we won’t be cowed!
We’ll put them in a DATAbase!
We’ll make I.D.s that show their face!
For those still living with their moms --
It’s not just guns; they’re into bombs!
For them a smart computer chip
Will catch them at a faster clip!

Our database will flag a name
And then in pulsing text proclaim,
“This loner guy is very white
He’ll take his gun and find a site --
A movie, church, perhaps a school --
Don’t let a shotgun be his tool!”

Oh, you interrupted me
You say you strongly disagree?
You say a person’s lawful right
To keep and bear a gun’s airtight?
You say a no-fly guy can buy
A gun because we can’t deny
His right to cherish and adore
A weapon meant for waging war?

The NRA’s influenced you
With voodoo through Amendment Two!
Your fetish for that fitful clause
Would give the Founding Fathers pause.
In fact, they’d rise as one and say,
“You’re off the mark now, NRA!”

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