Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Out and Proud Trumpbillies

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

The presidential campaign has found its way into the hills and hollers of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.  This morning I took a leisurely road trip between my home in West Plains, Missouri, and my sister's place in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and was genuinely surprised by all of the presidential campaign paraphernalia scattered out along the backwoods roadways - all of it supporting the hillbilly favorites, Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  The goobers are out with their signage, and they are damn proud of it.

A few of the signs were out in front of the large, manicured farms, properties owned by the landed gentry who would benefit directly by having rich white guys with little or no social conscience running the country.  The remainder were where one would expect them to be - next to double-wide trailers and dilapidated shacks, properties rented or squatted upon by people dependent upon government for their survival, but with lottery tickets in their pockets and hopes to one day be part of the landed gentry - and maybe even own a bass boat.

There are undoubtedly a few Hillary supporters living along the same roads, but they collectively know better than to draw attention to themselves.  Trump should carry the entire area by seventy percent or more.

Thank God for the cities!

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