Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump and the Party of Lincoln

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

A recent survey by Public Policy Polling (PPP) showed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump with a zero percent favorability rating among black voters.  That seems a bit on the high side to me.

The Donald has been reaching out to blacks for a while now, primarily through speeches to gatherings of white, knuckle-dragging morons where he challenges the absent blacks to get behind his candidacy because "What have you got to lose?"  Today Trump climbed out of his comfort zone and spoke to some actual black people at a predominantly black church in Detroit where he told congregants how proud he was to be on the ballot representing "the party of Lincoln."

Remarkably, there were no reports of lightening striking the church.

At one time the Republican Party was the organization which nominated and elected Abraham Lincoln to the presidency - but it was obviously not the same Republican Party that put Donald Trump at the top of this year's ticket.  The old Republican Party, the one of idealism and liberty and equality, began a long slide into the moral abyss shortly after Lincoln's big night out at the theatre, and now it has absolutely nothing left in common with the Great Emancipator - nor does it want to.

Today's Republican Party is home to people like Dick Cheney, Kris Kobach, Joe Arpaio, David Duke, and yes, Donald Trump.  Lincoln wouldn't share a urinal with any of those individuals - much less a political affiliation.

Today's Republican Party is not about making the lives of black people better by providing opportunities for affordable healthcare, quality education, decent jobs, and good housing.  Today's Republican Party is more focused on vote suppression, educational schemes to keep blacks, browns, and impoverished whites away from children of privilege, keeping the school-to-prison pipeline open and functioning, and living on a grand scale in gated communities.

Donald Trump is a Republican alright, you betcha he is.  Trump is, in fact, the very embodiment of what the Republican Party has morphed into over the century-and-a-half since the death of Lincoln - a big, stinking pile of greedheads and self-serving hucksters focused on making their own lives better while stridently denying social and economic advantages to others - particularly people of color.   They have theirs, and screw everybody else.

Today's Republicans are as much about Lincoln as Trump is about humility - and compassion - and paying his bills (or even his workers).     The Republican Party abandoned Lincoln a long time ago, and Donald Trump's pathetic push to claim the mantel of Lincoln is nothing more than wishful thinking floating on a cloud of hot air.

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