Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump's Zoo of Zealots

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

When it comes to the practice of religion, Donald John Trump is better known for his moral turpitude than he is for actively spouting or practicing the word of God or teachings of Jesus.  Trump fancies himself to be a businessman, and, as such, his interpretation of "do unto others" usually has more to do with screwing than it does with uplifting.  But now Trump is running for President, and now, by God, he is going to start thumping the Bible and being the best damned Christian in America.

It probably won't be a hard transition - business con man to biblical con man - and many in the Republican Party already think that he represents the second coming anyway, but The Donald is pursuing his conversion to novice holy roller with the utmost seriousness.  And people are beginning to take notice.  Christian radio huckster James Dobson has even gone so far as to label the evolving Trump as a "baby Christian."

Donald Trump is adopting his Christian persona in a business-like manner.  His initial foray into the glories of God involved setting up an advisory board - a group of twenty-six fairly well known individuals, all from the evangelical Christian community.   Presumably this group will keep the candidate up to speed on the correct Christian views on all issues of importance.

There are four black men on the committee, and the remainder are white - a percentage that folds in nicely with accepted racial rates within the GOP itself.  The group also contains three women.  Rumor has it that the candidate prefers his women in G-strings and not taking up positions of power by sitting on boards, but he will probably listen to what they have to say - as long as they say it in a respectful manner.

Some of the big names of Trump's religious (evangelical) advisory board include former congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (who may or may not be getting a divorce), Jerry Falwell, Jr, the president of Liberty University (sic), television pastors Kenneth and Gloria Copeland who preach and pray for prosperity, former GOP lobbyist and Christian activist Ralph Reed, and, of course, James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family who blamed the massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary on our country's tolerance of abortion and same-sex marriage.

Trump's zoo of zealots will undoubtedly give him an education in the politics of religion-inspired hate, but it is unlikely that he will learn much about Christian charity and forgiveness from this particular "advisory" board.

Donald, if you really want to learn about this religion stuff, perhaps you should go about it the old fashioned way and start attending church.  If nothing else, it would at least make for some good photo ops.

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