Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Postcards Cometh

by Pa Rock

Yesterday, seven weeks after I began sending a week's worth of postcards from Cuba, they finally started arriving.  The first four cards, sent to four different addresses, all got to their intended destinations - just fifty days after they were mailed in the lobby of the Capri Hotel in Havana.

I can't help thinking that they would have traveled faster if I had put them all into a bottle and cast it into the sea!

I guess I will blame the Cuban government for the unnecessary delay, but I have had some difficult dealings with the U.S. Postal Service in the past.  A friend once sent me a Christmas card which he mailed at the post office in Noel, Missouri - the Christmas City.  I was living in Noel at the time and had my mailbox at that particular post office - so all the clerk had to do was slap a postmark on the envelope and then turn around and place it in my box.  The card got waylaid, however, and arrived a week later with a postmark indicating that it had visited Reno, Nevada, during the trip from the front counter of our local post office to my mailbox just a few feet away.

So Uncle Sam may own some of the responsibility as well - but since another twenty cards or so have yet to arrive, I suspect that the process is bottle-necked in some dusty Cuban government office where a group of be-spectacled bureaucrats are wearing out their dictionaries trying to figure out what island secrets the Yankee tourists sharing with the States.

With censorship that slow, it's no wonder that their internet service is so crappy!

Viva Cuba libre!

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