Monday, June 13, 2016

Stay Strong, Orlando

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist 

I've known all along that I would probably wind up voting for Hillary Clinton this fall, but I at least hoped that it would be an act of great introspection laced up with a bit of karmic pain.  Sadly, as each day passes, my automatic, knee-jerk support of the third Clinton term becomes more assured.  The terrifying image of Donald Trump, the repugnant racist and consummate con-artist, hovering above the Oval Office like a buzzard on a perch, will stampede me and millions of others to the polls in November.  The country must be saved - even if it is by a corporatist like Hillary.  She, at least, has a soul.

Early yesterday morning the worst mass shooting in U.S. history occurred at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  The killing spree, carried out by a young American Muslim, killed at least forty-nine and left over fifty wounded.  It was a slaughter of horrific proportions.

The motives of the shooter remain unclear more than twenty-four hours after he began mowing down patrons at the club.  The young man's father said that he was reacting to the outrage he felt when he witnessed two men kissing in Miami.  (That motive would make the mass shooting a hate crime.)  But sometime during the carnage, the shooter dialed 911 and reportedly pledged his allegiance to ISIS - which would have made his killing spree an act of terrorism.

Hate or terrorism - or some bloody blend of both.  One bullet tearing through flesh is just as deadly as any other, regardless of the motive behind its discharge.

Donald Trump, an animal whose primary goal in life seems to be generating free media attention through controversy, immediately took to twitter to congratulate himself on warning America about the dangers imposed by Muslims.  It was the perfect time for Donald to speak boldly and courageously - of himself.  Trump then did some cheap saber-rattling and called on President Obama to resign because he had failed to use the term "radical Islam extremists."  Later, on Fox (of course), he went to to clearly imply that the President might harbor sympathy for Muslim extremists.

What Trump did not say was anything in the form of condolences or sympathy for the gay community in Orlando.  What Trump did not mention was anything to rebuke the ill-feelings and open hostility that big portions of the populace feel toward LGBT people - feelings that have often been generated and cultivated by prominent members of his own party.  What Trump also failed to utter was any form of support at all for sensible gun legislation - such as a law that would reinstate the ban on large assault weapons like the AR-15 that was used in the shooting in Orlando.

No, none of that was mentioned.  Donald wanted to talk about Muslims - and himself.  It was not about carnage, or threats to gays, or an out-of-control gun culture - it was about Donald.

Which all goes to make voting for Hillary this fall a no-brainer.   But for me, at least, that vote won't be about her, it will be about Donald.

Stay strong, Orlando - America loves you.  All of you!

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