Friday, June 24, 2016

Will Hillary Choose Boldly?

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Politico seems to be convinced that Hillary Clinton will name Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate, with the notion being that the well-liked politician with little in the way of negative baggage would help her carry the must win state of Virginia - a state in which Kaine was formerly governor.  Of course, other sources note that Mrs. Clinton is unlikely to lose Virginia anyway - regardless of who her running mate is.

Kaine's views on abortion are sketchy at best, and he seems to have spent much of his political career pandering to the pro-lifers on what he terms a religious concern.  Also, while being anti-capital punishment, as governor of Virginia for four years, he oversaw eleven executions, six of whom were black individuals.  On the plus side, he speaks fluent Spanish - and grew up in Kansas City where everything has always been amazingly up-to-date.

Kaine is being described as a "safe" choice for the job, and his elevation out of the Senate to the Vice Presidency would leave a Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, in a position to choose his temporary replacement - thus saving the seat for the Democratic Party.  Also, he was vetted for the same job by Barack Obama eight years ago, and seems to have come through that personal investigation with flying colors.

Tim Kaine turned fifty-eight last winter and Hillary Clinton will be sixty-nine in October.  That's an awfully lot of years concentrated in an around the Oval Office.  This would be a golden opportunity to open the door to the next political generation and place a youthful candidate on the ballot.  Julian Castro, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development will be forty-two in September - as will his twin brother Congressman Joaquin Castro.  Both are exciting and dynamic young Democrats, people who could appeal to a broader constituency of both Hispanic heritage and youth.

Congressman Xavier Becerra of downtown Los Angeles is a month older than Tim Kaine, but he, like the Castro's from Texas, would broaden the party's appeal to Hispanics - and what better time to do that than when Donald Trump is knocking around the country demonizing "Mexicans" and threatening to build a big wall.

Elizabeth Warren would also be an outstanding candidate.  While not much younger than Hillary, the inclusion of Senator Warren on the ticket would double-down on the gender issues and demolish the glass ceiling rather than just break it.   Many qualified female office holders in the Democratic Party would be happy to accept the challenge of running with Hillary.

The right candidate for Vice President could not only increase Hillary's election numbers, the right person could also strengthen a significant demographic of the population such as race, ethnicity, gender, or youth.  Giving the nod to yet another older white guy seems redundant, politically unnecessary, and boring. 

This is an election that will be almost impossible for the Democratic candidate to lose.  It represents a golden opportunity to make a bold choice for a running mate, a move that could strengthen not only the Democratic Party, but the country as well.   Here's hoping Hillary doesn't waste it.

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Xobekim said...

Tim Kaine suffers from a world class education meted out by the Jesuits at Kansas City's Rockhurst High School. He took a year long break from law school to work as a Catholic Missionary in Honduras with the Jesuits. You can rest assured that his religious issues are deeply ingrained. I do not know that he, like Vice President Biden, can set aside issues of faith when they conflict with the duty imposed by the Establishment Clause.