Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Guineas Go on Sabbatical

by Pa Rock
Poultry Provocateur

This was a long, hard day on the road.  I left home at daylight and drove nearly four hours west to Noel, Missouri (the Christmas City) to attend our all-school reunion.  These are held annually, but I haven't been in several years.  This year represents not only the 50th anniversary of my class's graduation,  it also marks fifty years since the little high school closed its doors and student's started attending a county-wide monstrosity.  So I did the long drive over and back.

A few of my old classmates were there:  Abe Paul, Mike Carr, Fred Puryear, Jim Riggs, Anna Harmon (and her mother, Mert), and Jim Durham - as well as several others from classes that were close to ours.  It was good seeing all of those guys.

My sister, Gail, was also at the reunion.  She and I skipped out at lunch time to go for burgers with friends James and Patti Carroll.

It rained hard most of the way to Noel, which made the trip that much more tedious.  There was a bit of rain on the way back, but now that I am home the skies are fairly clear - finally!  Hopefully I will be able to finish mowing tomorrow.  I started the current pass on the yard a week ago tomorrow, but there have been many interruptions due to rain.

I had nine dozen eggs ready to take to Noel, but got distracted after loading just three - so some people had to do without.  The good news is that my pinochle friends will benefit from that error when I take to leftovers to pinochle Wednesday evening.

A few weeks ago when I drove to Kansas City for my trip to Cuba, all of the radio news on most stations centered on the death of Prince.  Today, there was a constant stream of news on Muhammad Ali who died last night in Scottsdale, Arizona.   He was "the greatest" and he will be missed by many.  Rest in peace, Champ.

The big news at the Roost is that my little flock of thirty young guineas disappeared while I was gone today.  Guineas practically raise themselves - for everyone but me!  This is my third attempt since moving here - and will probably be the last.   I will check at dark to see if they returned from their walk-about, but am fearful that something(s) may have dined on them.

Farming, much like life itself, is full of risks.

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