Friday, June 10, 2016

Ol' Roy Blunt Blathers On About Vets

by Pa Rock

When Missouri's junior United States senator, Ol' Roy Blunt, writes to me, as he often does, he never fails to bring up his unswerving support for America's military veterans.  Why, to hear Ol' Roy tell it, his whole political career has revolved around working to meet the needs of the men and women who wore our country's uniforms and dedicated their energies to keeping America free and safe.  Ol' Roy stands in absolute awe of veterans - saluting, waving the flag, and marching at the front of their parades.

The only thing wrong with that picture, of course, is that it is all horseshit.

First, our blathering senator always forgets to mention that he, himself, is not a veteran.  Roy was in college, like myself, during the Vietnam War, and, like myself, he stayed in college through the grace of multiple student deferments.  In fact, the only difference between us in that regard is that I did serve in the Armed Forces after college, while Roy Blunt went on to graduate school and then elected to hit the civilian job market.

But that's all right, because military service was not for everyone.  In fact, it wasn't an option of interest for most of the leaders of today's Republican Party, the political party of Ol' Roy Blunt.
But still Ol' Roy waves his flag and loves them vets!

Except, of course, up until it comes to spending money on veterans - then Ol' Roy puts his Republican hat back on.  As noted by a group of actual veterans' supporters called VoteVets, Blunt's voting record on real veteran's issues is fairly abysmal.  The group cited Ol'Roy's disdain of real veterans in the following three instances:

  • Blunt voted for a Republican continuing resolution that cut $75 million in housing vouchers for homeless veterans.
  • He voted to block a $21 billion veterans' bill that included major expansion of veterans' health care, as well as foreclosure protections for veterans, and reinstatement of the cost of living adjustment for the pensions of working age military retirees.
  • And - he voted for a VA-Military Construction funding bill that cut veterans care by $857 million, and was opposed by the American Legion. 
(Blunt has also voted against jobs bills that would benefit veterans.)

But those votes came at a different time in Ol' Roy's political life, one when he was living large and not really worried about the actual effects of voting his political orthodoxy.  Now, however, he is in a tight race for re-election, against an actual, honest-to-god war veteran, and now he is back to waving his flag and praising veterans - as if he was one himself.

It was announced this week that One Nation a political money pac run by the nefarious and evil Karl Rove, is spending a million-and-a-half dollars here in Missouri to re-elect Ol'Roy Blunt to his gravy train job in the Senate.  The Rove people are channeling that big wad of cash into two ads, both depicting Ol' Roy as being a friend of veterans.

Tell a big lie long enough and sooner or later people will start to believe it.

People in Missouri who are veterans or who have a sincere interest in the dignity and welfare of our veterans, might do well to consider voting for Ol' Roy's opponent this November.  Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, Blunt's Democratic opponent, served with distinction in the Afghanistan War and came home determined to continue serving the public.  He is currently the youngest statewide office holder in the nation - and stands a very good chance of becoming Missouri's next United States senator - one who actually understands and appreciates the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

Jason Kander would work for the citizens of Missouri - and not for lobbyists and the types of people who fund Karl Rove's super pacs.

Ol' Roy, you'd better get that claptrap campaign bus of yours out of the way - because Jason Kander, a real vet, is coming through!

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