Saturday, June 25, 2016

Donald Does Scotland

by Pa Rock 
Citizen Journalist

Flamboyant narcissist and billionaire wannabe Donald Trump, a man who also aspires to be President of the United States (as long as the job doesn't interfere too much with his business enterprises), visited Scotland this week to promote his refurbished golf resort near Aberdeen.  While there he also tried to cash in on this week's British vote to exit the European Union as some sort of revolution that was inspired, at least in part, by him, and one that he would bring back to the United States.

The fact that Trump left the campaign trail to go gallivanting over to Scotland to promote one of his private businesses, says loads about what his priorities really are - and the fact that he was banging on incessantly about the greatness of the British revolt in leaving the EU - not realizing that the portion of Great Britain known as Scotland had voted overwhelmingly (62% to 38%) to stay in the EU - speaks to Mr. Trump's general ignorance of world affairs.

But The Donald wasn't the only one playing to the cameras in Scotland this week.  Several Scottish citizens decided to welcome the racist a-hole attention-seeking loudmouth by flying flags in his honor -  Mexican flags - above their homes and businesses.  Some Mexican flags, in fact, were being flown within sight of the newly refurbished Trump golf resort.

The Old Gringo, whom former Mexican President Vicente Fox routinely refers to as a "racist," probably was not amused.  He is currently in a tiff with local government authorities in Aberdeen over his intention to erect a massive flagpole at his resort - one which officials worry will blight the landscape.  Plans for the flagpole reportedly include placement of a large golden ball on top.  That would be a monumental achievement for a guy with such small hands.

Donald Trump has a long history of generating ill-will in Great Britain.  Last January the House of Commons was forced to debate  whether or not to ban him from entering Great Britain after a petition seeking that action netted more than half a million signatures on social media.

Scotland held a vote in 2014 to separate itself from Great Britain, but that vote failed 55% to 45%.  Now that Britain has voted to separate from the European Union, and Scotland voted by a large measure to remain with the group, many feel that a second vote in Scotland to separate itself from Great Britain is likely to occur - with a strong possibility of a different outcome.  An independent Scotland might pose more difficulties for Trump's glitzy golf resort - but if the venture follows the normal Trump business trajectory, it will have failed by then anyway.

Donald Trump's proud ignorance of world affairs is as scary as it is astounding.   If the Republican National Committee could get him into some GED classes, it would be money well spent.

Meanwhile you bonnie Scots - fly those flags - and Viva Zapata!

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