Tuesday, June 14, 2016

No, the House Will Not Be Silent!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

House Speaker Paul Ryan is quickly proving to be as ineffective as his predecessor, Orange John Boehner.  Yesterday Ryan called for a "moment of silence" in the House to pay respect to the victims of the Orlando shooting that killed forty-nine people and wounded more that fifty others - with six of those still lingering near death in intensive care.  Over the years a "moment of silence" has become the standard House response to the almost constant stream of death inflicted upon Americans by troubled and crazy people with guns - often big automatic weapons intended for military use.

By having a "moment of silence" Congress has acted, shown its solidarity with victims, and can move on - without really having done anything.  A "moment of silence" does nothing to slow easy access to guns in America, and it does nothing to offend the offend the NRA and gun lobby as they continue to slather cash on their mindless supplicants (mostly Republicans) in Congress.  By having a "moment of silence" Congress is saying that sixty seconds of quiet makes everything better.

All of that nonsense came to an abrupt end yesterday, however.  Instead of being silent, many Democrats walked out on the charade, while others became quite noisy - raising a ruckus and demanding to know why House leadership had never acted on the gun control bills that were put forth last summer after the mass shooting of people kneeling in prayer at a black church in Charleston, South Caroling.  The chant, "Where are the bills?  Where are the bills?" rang out through the halls of Congress.

Ryan couldn't contain the noise or the turmoil from the Democrats - in much the same way as he can never contain the seething rebellions of the right-wing Republicans.

The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, needs to vacate his position of leadership.  Perhaps there is a doberman or a pit bull for sale on Craig's List that would be willing to take on the challenge of keeping the House in order and moving legislation forward.  God knows any old street cur would make a better leader than Paul Ryan.

And as for the odious slaughter-enablers at the National Rifle Association:  Yesterday Samantha Bee uttered a prayer to God (regarding the Orlando shooting) that was reported in the press.  She closed her entreaty to the deity by requesting that a plague of boils be sent to the NRA.  Amen to that, Sister Bee.  Amen!

And I would like to request one additional boil for Paul Ryan - nose or ass, I don't care - so that he can begin to empathize with Americans who are in pain.  He might not be able to sit on his boil in silence.

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Xobekim said...

After the moment of silence the Speaker moved on to further business with the "without further objection" language. He seemed stunned and replied, as a middle school child might, insisting "without" further objection. The fool didn't recognize that the House was in fact objecting to the business as usual proceeding while the nation reeled.