Wednesday, June 8, 2016

GOP Rats Are Jumping Ship

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Yesterday in this space I noted that Senator Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska, has said that he will not vote for Donald Trump in the general election, and he recently published a tweet in which he assailed Trump's comments regarding a federal judge as racist.

But Senator Sasse seems to be merely the foreshadow of a gaping maw that is growing between Republican elected officials and their "presumptive" nominee for President.

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, grabbed a few headlines early on by not rushing forward to endorse Donald Trump, even after it became obvious that he had the nomination sewn up.  Last week, though, Ryan finally climbed down off of his high horse and gave the flamboyant candidate a tepid endorsement.  Then came Donald Trump's scathing (and racist) remarks about Judge Curiel Gonzalo, a native of Indiana who happens to be of Hispanic heritage.  Ryan, who apparently still supports Donald Trump, nevertheless said that the Trump remarks on Judge Gonzalo were "textbook definition of a racist comment."

Mark Kirk, the Republican senator from Illinois who is in a very difficult race for re-election, has backed off of his previously stated support for Trump - but he still wants people to know that he doesn't like Hillary either.  Kirk is now saying this:

"While I oppose the Democratic nominee, Donald Trump's latest statements, in context with past attacks on Hispanics, women, and the disabled like me, make it certain I cannot and will not support my party's nominee for President regardless of the political impact on my candidacy or the Republican Party."

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is also putting distance between himself and the Trumpster.  Walker has announced that he will withhold "commitments" to Trump until after next month's convention.

(Kick that can on down the road, Scotty.  Maybe the world will end in the meantime.  One can only hope!)

The SS Donald Trump may be nothing more than a garbage scow, but it's a sinking garbage scow - and the rats know it!

Stand clear - it's about to start raining rats!

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Xobekim said...

Yes, Mark Kirk had a stroke severe enough to land him in a wheelchair. It takes some chutzpah to play that card since he'll be facing Representative Tammy Duckworth (D-IL-8) in the general election. While serving in Iraq the helicopter she was co-piloting was struck by an RPG. As a result she is a double amputee. Mark may not to have wanted to reminded folks that his opponent is a hero, as he mewled for sympathy.