Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Worm Has Turned!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

A year ago this week pundits were mourning the death of the Obama presidency and liberal prospects in America as the Republicans regained the majority in the House of Representatives.  Since that time the congressional members of the GOP have worked steadfastly to insure that many Americans are kept from working.  They have spent the last year attacking women's rights, unions, the environment, our new national health care plan, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security - all the while blatantly protecting the rich from having to pay their fair share in support of the country that gave them the means to amass (or more commonly - inherit) wealth.

This past year has been very mean indeed.  The Republican field of presidential aspirants is little more than a schoolyard fight in which each candidate struggles to be seen as meaner than the rest.  It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

But as the results of this week's elections come in, one thing is strikingly obvious:  the political worm has turned.

The sweetest outcome as far as I was concerned came from Arizona where Republican State Senate President Russell Pearce, the author of the racist, anti-immigrant screed known as SB 1070, lost a recall election and will have to vacate his Senate office by the time the results become official - hopefully tomorrow.  Hit the road, Russell - and Jan Brewer, you need to be sitting up and taking notice!

Also in Arizona, Democrat Greg Stanton defeated a Tea Party-backed Republican candidate to be elected Mayor of Phoenix.  Joe Arpaio, maybe you need to be paying attention to those shifting desert political winds!  (The Obama team has apparently decided that Arizona will be in play in next year's presidential election.)

Another major victory for common sense occurred in Mississippi where Initiative 26, the so-called "Personhood" measure that declared a fertilized egg to be a human being, was defeated.  It's the economy, stupid - not your whacked-out social issues agenda!

And Issue 2 failed in Ohio!  It was a ballot referendum on Senate Bill 5 which would have restricted collective bargaining rights for more than 360,000 public employees.  Ohio said a loud "no" to union busting!

Good work, America!  We have redeemed ourselves!


Xobekim said...

And the Kansas City Zoo sales tax passed in Jackson AND Clay Counties assuring funding for a world class facility.

Back in '08 the Republicans campaigned on, of all things, jobs. They said the culture wars were over. Promised to break the gridlock in D.C. and took record amounts of undisclosed money from God only knows who.

I too want my country back, back from Citizens United, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Koch Brothers!

don said...

Right on