Friday, November 18, 2011

Blood Types and Personality Traits

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

A friend (psychologist) and I were at a meeting recently with a dozen or so young service men where marriage issues were being discussed.   At some point during the session one young man who was married to a Japanese woman stated that the first thing a Japanese woman wants to know about a man is his blood type - not for medical reasons, but to have an indicator of the type of person he is.  Before he had hardly finished making that point, a couple of other members of the group who were also married to Japanese or Okinawan women chimed in that he was correct.  Blood types were also apparently being cited as indicators of compatibility.

Because neither my friend nor I had heard of this cultural anomaly, he decided to follow through today with some Internet research on the matter.  The following was taken from information posted by Joy Alari, and though I can't vouch for her credibility, it does seem to go along with things that the men in the session were saying.

Ms. Alari notes that while it is normal in the United States to match a person's personality to horoscopes, the Japanese have a preference for matching personality traits with blood types - a fad that she said started in Japan in the early 1930's.  Everyone in Japan knows their blood type, and, according to the author, not only are mates sometimes selected on this criteria, but some companies have even been known to divide their workers by blood type.

The desire to know about blood types allegedly originated because of a racist assertion from the West which stated that Orientals were lower on the evolutionary chain than Occidentals.  That ridiculous and unscientific theory was insulting and demeaning, and a Japanese scientist, Furukawa Takeji, set about disproving it through a study of blood types.  One of the results of his work was a public rush to match personality traits with blood types.

Below are the general theories of each blood type as they relate to personality traits.  The author cautions that the Rh factor does not play any role in either blood type or personality traits.

Type O  
People with the Type O blood group are said to be creative, confident and quite popular.   They enjoy being the center of attention. Type Os are also outgoing and very social, and, though mostly initiators, they may not always finish what they start. 
Type A 
People with the Type A blood group, are said to be very trustful, honest, and conscientious to a fault. Type As are also known to be perfectionists.  They might seem outwardly calm when in reality they may be quite nervous.Type As are also artistic, and are sometimes shy and sensitive. 
Type B
People with Type B blood group are strong-willed and goal-oriented.   They always finish whatever they start on time and in good order.   People with Type B blood group always seem to find their own way in life.
Type AB
Those with a Type AB blood group, are an interesting lot.   Though they are trustworthy and honest, it has been said that they seem to have a split personality.  Those in the Type AB blood group like helping people.They are outgoing and confident, but they can also be shy. 
Compatibility by Blood Groups:
A is said to be most compatible with A and AB  
B is said to be most compatible with B and AB
AB is said to be most compatible with AB, B, A and O
O is said to be most compatible with O and AB

I am Type O, which I always assumed meant that whoever typed my birth certificate had spelled my name wrong!

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