Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guam: Where America's Day Begins

by Pa Rock
Globe Trotter

Valerie and I arrived on Guam just as the morning sun was beginning to shine across the Pacific.  Our friend, Lenny, who owns a home and a car on Guam, gave us a lift from the airport to our hotel - the Hilton.  The staff at the hotel shuffled  our reservation around to find a room that was empty so we could catch up on our sleep after the night flight from Okinawa.

Before we hit the room, we decided to have breakfast at the hotel buffet.  The $25.00 per person experience left a lot to be desired!  This afternoon we rented a car and began exploring the island.  One of the things that we discovered was that Circle K has a  special - a really good hot dog and a can of any domestic beer for $1.99 - and it was so much better than our breakfast!

It is just a question of knowing where to shop!

Just heard the President Obama's plane landed on Guam last night, but he apparently did not meet with anyone while he was here.  Guam used to be known as the Pacific's gas station - I guess that it still is!

Tomorrow we are going to drive around the island - three hours with no stops, but I am sure we will do some stopping.  We will also be taking our snorkeling gear and undoubtedly playing in the blue Pacific Ocean.   (The Hilton and all of the big hotels are on Tumon Bay, which is beautiful beyond words.

Today's temperature was a pleasant eighty degrees or so!  Not too shabby for Thanksgiving week!

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