Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Alternate Universe of Trent Franks

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I won't call Arizona Congressman Trent Franks a liar, because to do so would be rude, and I am nature a very sweet guy.  Nor would I call him a two-hundred pound bag of festering horse manure, because horses in general have never done anything to offend me.

But I do wonder as to the congressman's grasp on reality.

Today I received an email from Congressman Franks entitled October in Review:  Democrats Stall Job Creation.

Seriously.  After House Speaker John Boehner has spent the past two years working on little more than his tan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, KY) has publicly stated that the goal of this Congress is to keep from passing anything that might benefit the President in any way - and Republicans have blocked all of the President's job initiatives, even ones that they previously supported - it's the Democrats who are stalling job creation?

A person would have to be a complete moron to believe a crock like that.  But to Mr. Franks' credit, he is pandering to Arizona Republican voters who are historically armed-to-the-teeth and stupid-to-the-core.

To prove his point, Congressman Franks listed 17 Republican bills that have not had Democratic support - bills he contends would increase the number of available jobs.  Those bills attack government regulations (those pesky rules that are intended to keep people safe), environmental safeguards, and the taxing of the wealthy individuals and corporations.

Some of the more egregious  titles of these "jobs" bills include:  Energy Tax Prevention Act, Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act (just not for working fishermen), and the Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act.   Translated into truth:   less taxes on the rich bastards who rape the earth beneath our very feet and profit obscenely from our natural resources, open warfare on the Gulf of Mexico and its marine life and beaches, and fewer government regulations to protect workers and consumers.

Hey Trent, how about working to keep Planned Parenthood offices open?  They provide jobs to thousands of hardworking Americans.  Or how about funding our national infrastructure?  Fixing the nation's roads and bridges would employ thousands - and would help the economy through better and safer distribution of goods and services.  Or building more schools and hiring more teachers.  The American educational system is abysmal, due in large part to massive government defunding of schools and an on-going attack on public education by your political party.  Our kids are out future - literally.

Or how about leaving Medicare and Social Security the hell alone so that Grandma doesn't have to take a job away from some kid at Burger King who is trying to save for college?

There is much that can be done to encourage job growth, but your "remedies" will only serve the rich and greedy while driving more and more working Americans into poverty.

You should be ashamed - and you should be unemployed.  Your august position should be filled by someone with a sense of how tough it is to make a living in America today, someone with a sense of decency.

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Xobekim said...

These bills you lambast are the seed stock of the GOP's job plan which centers on cancer research.

Yes, study oncology young folks. After the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act are ripped from our statutes then toxic poisons will fill our atmosphere and be flushed into our water tables.

The need for oncologists will be at an all time high. The GOP's job plan will bear fruit because only the 1% with their tax breaks will be able to afford this medical care.

The 99% will go into the mortuary business or be stuck trying to clean out islands of habitability.