Friday, November 18, 2011

Continental Flies When They Damned Well Please!

by Pa Rock
World Traveler

Saturday morning, and here I sit on Okinawa.  I was supposed to be sitting on a beach on Guam, perhaps nursing a large drink called a Trash Can, and staring dreamily out across the blue Pacific.  But no, I am still on Okinawa.

My friend Valerie and I planned to board a non-stop flight from Naha, Okinawa, to Agana, Guam, last night, but less than a full day before our departure we received a notice that the flight had been cancelled, and we would be leaving on the next flight - 24 hours later.  So maybe tomorrow we will be sitting on that Guamanian beach.   Who knows?

Our flight had been booked on Continental - and they cancelled the whole damned flight and moved the passengers onto the manifest for the next day.  I am familiar with many types of airline outrages, and have been the victim of most, but this particular outrage was new to me.  When Valerie called to complain, impolitely I'm sure, she was told that no aircraft was available.  (Which I suspect is airlinese for "We didn't sell enough tickets to make the trip worthwhile.")

So now I am left to wonder if Continental does manage to get us to Guam, will they have an airplane available to bring us back to Okinawa at the end of our trip - so we can get back to our jobs?  With my luck they probably will!

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